need of a job

Amreen was in need of a job

Amreen was in need of a job. one day she saw an advertisement in the news paper fir English teacher in H.P school. Though Amreen was not financially strong she decided to give the interview.The interview was taken by the director of the school. He told her that she have to stay at the headquarters in the hostel. She then expressed her concern for security and the director assured that se would be safe over there. As for salary she just asked a suitable amount which would be useful for survival of two people, as amreen had a daughter too.


The director told her that the baby could not stay with her so she assured him to keep the baby with her grandparents.
Amreen was a fair, tall women with a pointed nose, large beautiful eyes and thin and pink lips. A light green suit made her look more attractive and elegant. She was very fluent in English speaking. The director thought her to be perfect for the job and gaved her the job.

Artist who always worshiped beauty

The director was an artist who always worshiped beauty. His hobbies were painting and music, he was a man of great scholar. He was recently retired from a college where he was held in high esteem. He could skillfully draw picture of women in there different shades of mood.
The director was eager to know why amreen wanted a job so urgently. She explained him that her father was attached by paralysis and is currently in a bed rest situation, her mother spent all her time attending him. Amreen has two brothers Salim and Karim who used to send them money but they stopped sending it because of opposition of their wives. And also he told the director that was not staying with her husband any more. For these reasons she was badly in need of a job.

Dreamed like other girls

Amreen expressed that she too dreamed like other girls of marrying a handsome young man. But then a proposal of marriage came from Rahman who was a distant cousin. He was working in a multinational company in Dubai was tall, handsome, fair and was a kind of music lover. Living in air conditioned house roaming in luxury cars and enjoying life this way was beyond imagination for middle class girl. Amreen was really happy and excited when she got married to Rahman.

Amreen’s marriage

The first few days of Amreen’s marriage was fantastic and beyond her imagination, they had all the luxuries she thought of before marriage. a spacious air conditioned flat with European style furniture, An expensive car to travel. They went to Paris for their honeymoon, There they went to gardens, museum, water falls etc. she felt that she was in a dreamland meant only for newly married couples. 

Rahman Return

After a week of honeymoon in Paris, Amreen and Rahman returned but soon all the romantic dreams were shattered. Rahman bought two fat womens and introduced them to Amreen as his legal wives. She was shocked to find that she was her third wife not because of love but just for his needs. She was shocked and didn’t know what to do after Rahman introduced her with her two wives the same dream flat was found to be suffocating for Amreen. The castle of her sweet dreams felt apart. The cold wind entering through windows frozed her. she was in grief and thought now there was neither honey in there relation nor the confronting moon. Thus she was in such a bad situation which she never expected. She was dying from inside and never thought of being in such a condition.

Fulfill his needs

The director who was listening the story commented with great anger that Rahman was brute. And he should be punished for his deeds.
While narrating the story Amreen mentioned that Rahman was a brute but in a form of man who tortured her daily just to fulfill his needs. After a year Amreen gave birth to a baby girl unwillingly as she didn’t want her to see the sunlight as no one was there to love her rather than torturing her, Amreen didn’t want her baby to b tortured by her Father as he tortured her.
One day again Rahman came to Amreen with a shameless proposal. He said he wanted to Marry her cousin Zainab, as islam allowed them four wives. He also told amreen that his salary could afford to keep four wives happy. he asked her to settle the marriage.

The director was too shocked after listening this story and wanted to know more.
When Amreen refused to settle the marriage with her cousin, he began to torture her again, there was no single day when. She was not cursed, beaten, and abused.He would drag her holding her long hairs and dash it against the wall mercilessly. She did not knew what to do as he also snatched her phone so that se could not talk to anyone. Thus he took revenge on her for not allowing him to marry her cousin.

6 Months

One fine day, Rahman came with a letter from his office. It was about the transfer for 6 month to south Africa. While he was talking about the transfer Amreen was thinking about every possible idea to of escaping the jail of her husband. When he went away the next morning she sneaked out from the apartment went to airport and booked. flight from Dubai to her city. A couple of days later she was back to her city with the baby. she was free from Rahman’s jail and his torture.
When Amreen finished her sad story , the director took a deep breath and told her to join the duty from the very next day 
Her joy that time knew no bound…and now she was happy with her life.

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