Coke Festival Lahore

Coke Festival Lahore 2020

Hey so today i’m gonna share my experience about the most amazing day of my life, it’s one of my best memory. I never experience those vibes ever before. First time i went to the coke festival’19. Let me tell you what about exactly coke fest is, it’s actually a concert night, where our Pakistani singers show their amazing talent by singing different songs.

Food Stalls

Well, there are many other things too like food stalls and the favourite part is there is a segment in the end of this festival, its called sky lantern segment. Honestly, that’s the best vibes i’ve ever feel. When hundreds of lanterns are in the sky, they give us a beautiful view one can ever saw. Let me tell you about the singers, luckily it was the 2nd day and i met atif aslam there. There are almost 3 days of this festival and all these three days have equal crowd. Like i met my old school friends there and we had a very amazing time together after so long. I went there with my university fellows but to be honest when i was there i made six new friends .


They were is cooperative like they help me in reserving place because it’s too difficult to have a good place where you can enjoy the concert. It was almost 7pm when i went there and i got free at 12pm because it was too late to be home. Me and my friends went there through one of our friend’s car. We all had a very amazing and memorable time. Firstly we enjoy our favourite singer’s concert then we had food, the food there was really good. It was so cold, we were freezing like it was all open air but a amazing night. Well we had some coffee then we had our all time favourite thing pizza. Making new friends is fun and talking old stuff with new people is also a good feeling. After concert and food break we came to our last segment which was lighting the sky lanterns as i said it was my favourite segment actually everybody’s favourite segment. Me and my friends had lightened 2 sky lanterns because we were so excited about it.

I might can’t explain the view in words. It was beyond beautiful. After all this amazing time, it was time to get back home. Exchanging numbers with new buddies then we all left with a hope to meet soon.

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