Cat as a pet

Cats as a pet

Cats are the most innocent animals in the world. they are so cute and adorable. They make a lot of fun with people. Cats are so beautiful than other animals. As a pet they are so sweet. The cat is a domestic animal of small carnivores’ mammal. It is the only member of the family which is domestic.

Cats can hear the sound too quickly and which is very high in frequency than the human ear. They can even see in darkness. Some abilities of cats are as same as a human. The average life of cats is 15 to 16 years.

Cats sleep 14 to 18 hours a day some cats sleep 20 hours. With the tail of the cay one can judge the feelings of the cat. They show relaxation and anxiety through the body.

Cats are known for their cleanliness. They are the most amazing animals on earth. Their fur is the most beautiful and soft. They play with toys and play with the ball. It can be tamed easily and not harmful to humans.

Their sound is meow which has different meanings. They belong to the lion family and the same as the lion. When they are hungry, they rub on your legs and walk behind you.

Cats are very smart. They learn so quickly and sweetly. Cats love the box and they want to explore new things. They want to go to any space available. which is very sweet to know.


Feed cat in a balanced diet so it can be healthy. Checkup the cat regularly. Give appropriate medicines. Give your cat most of the time. Provide additional care to the cat in the winter and summer seasons accordingly so they can healthy.

Ensure avoid these foods and plants which are toxic to the cats. It badly affects the health of your cat. Make sure the safety of your cat. Which is very important to cats? Give antibiotics regularly to avoid infection.


They eat meat and drink milk. in markets, cat foods are also available. Mewoo eats meat raw and boil also. They drink lots of water and they like to live in cold places. Make sure to eat healthy food by a cat. which is very important to the cat health. Sometimes give the vitamins for healthy growing up. If the cat is sick consult to the doctor in time.

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