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One two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty. Hundred thousand million billion trillions. Lakhs Arab Arab. Crunchy eurodollars.

Math has many branches and a very interesting subject. There are many types of questions in mats. They are plus-minus subtract divide multiply fractions. Problems are very difficult to solve but intelligent students can solve these and do well in math. There are many types of students in class some are poor.

 Some are intelligent and some of them are moderate. moderate students are also performing well some times poor students’ performance is amazing.

Teachers should be cooperative with students so that they can perform well. Teachers’ cooperation is too important for student building. The teacher is a spiritual father. Teachers are nation builders and develop children’s personalities. Teachers play an important role in students’ development.

Math is easy as well as a difficult subject and also difficult to teach. Everyone can never understand and teach math. Before teaching, you should teach yourself first and then you will be able to teach someone else.

 Math is not only subject it is amazing world of problems which we solve and had fun during solving.

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