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Top 10 College campus tours for 2019 with tips and tricks

I still remember my first college trip to desert that i took with my college friends , teachers and with college’s other staff. One year ago, my college trip went to cholistan desert to enjoy the beauty of nature. We had been planing for this amazing trip for one week. In this one week, we all were very excited to go to the desert. we all were waiting for the thursday to come and when the thursday came, we bought some food and beverages for the trip. On the trip day, i wakeup early in the morning and start pray prayerd. Andi took shower and wearing the dress with the matching shoes matching belt and watch.


Then i went to college around about of 8:30. When i went to college i saw everyone was looking so sharp and looking good in their new dresses. And Finally, on thursday we left at 9AM and we all were enjoying the travel towards desert by enjoying music, songs and by eating chips, chocklates and drinks etc and we played a game in which every one have to sing a song or atleats a joke or poetry and we enjoyed that alot and the time passes very rapidly and we arrived to desert at 10AM.

At that was beautiful, charming and cloudy that adds the beauty of desert and seems so beautiful. Desert’s view was so brillient looks like a beautiful scenery. Everyone was so happy to having a trip in March with this beautiful cloudy weather. So we bring out the 
Stuff, utensils , plates and food from the roof of the bus. And then we started to play ludo , dominos and these type of sitting game. And some students started taking selfies and About 11AM we start played cricket on the road in desert. Two teams were played, one is red and second one is blue. The task winning red team took batting and the blue one took bolling .

20 Overs

And the match was of 20 overs in which the red team made 152 scores and the all overs finished And we took 10 minutes of resting period And the times runs out now red team on the fielding and gave the target to blue team of 153 runs and the blue team cannot fullfill the target and at 135 all overs are end up And the red team won by the 17 score after played of two hours match. Winning team start dancing and started fire crackers and the other fellows were cheering them. And the principal sahib gave the trophies to the winning team and the best boller and the Man of the Match. And when the principal sahib giving the trophy to the red team then the students start making pictures of prize distribution ceremony and captures those beautiful moments in the lens of cameras.

Lazy Hunger

About 2 PM, every body was lazy from hunger and out of energy by playing so many games And student asked to sir for lunch. And then the students layed the carpet on the sand. And all students and teachers were sit on the carpet and sir gave biryani packs, salad and cold drinks to every student ,teachers and other staff. At that time when we all were hungury then we all enjoy that biryani. When we all eaten the biryani then the canteen’s uncle start selling tea , coffee and fries.

Weather Transmission

I took hot coffee that was so yummy in the cold weather And the weather was so much cloudy and after sometime it starts little raining. That was so mind blowing experience having a hot fries in the little rainy weather And Almost rain end up on 4 PM. And the weather was so mind blowing and we saw rainbow on the sky and sparrows were flying here and there on the sky and looks like they were singing songs in the beautiful weather and the desert giving a beautiful charming scene. We all were very happy and enjoying that precious time. We start taking selfies and making photos and capturing that beautiful momemets into memories. The every body was busy on their cell phones to captures the beauty of nature. And i also made so many pictures with my friends and teachers and captures those beautiful moments.

Morning 5Am

And about 5 AM, All students spreads into groups and start exploring beauty of desert and beauty of nature. I also saw dears runing in the desert here and there looks like they are dancing and enjoying the beautiful weather in desert. And we thought, that the trip will be going in march, there may be some hotness in the weather but by the grace of Allah Almighty on us, the weather was opposite as we all thought.

Evening 6 pm

About 6 PM, All students and teachers came near the buses. And we starts preparation of making chicken Bar BQ on the coals. Played songs on the deck in the background And the sir start making Bar BQ and firstly we students surving Bar BQ with ketchup . Salad and cold drinks to the teachers and then we start eating and enjoying the meal with music. As the time passes the weather gets cooler and cooler in desert. So its getting night so we thought we should packup the stuff and should move back to college. Anround about 8 PM we started packup our stuff and put into the buses. While we coming back from the trip.

Ice Cream

The students asked to sir to eat icecrems after the Bar BQ. And around about of 9 PM we were in the nearly Hotel and bought icecreams and took selfies. I took chocklate vanilla icecrem and that was so tasty to eat.

About 9:30 PM we were again in bus and coming back towards college and now all students. And teachers were tired and feeling sleepy. And At 10 PM we reached to the college. We all thankful to Allah Almighty for having a safe and sound trip. I came back to home around about 10:30 PM. And when i go on the bed. I was so tired but happy to have the wonderful tour and made beautiful precious memories with my friends and college fellows. That was my unforgettable trip with my friends indeed.

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