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I was in my first year of college, It was my first tour with friends when we visited Kashmir.

A Rivers and other beauties of Kashmir. We stayed in a hotel named radisson inn which was one of the best hotel of Kashmir. Which gaved both lake side and icy mountain view. We had a guide named Ahmed with us who was a Kashmiri. And guide tourists for earning. We went there for a week to enjoy and to make a report for the assignment given by the college.

Very First Day

The very first day we went to sarwali peek in neelam valley. As it is the highest peak of the state. Sarwali peak was also a wonderful place to visit. We had lot of fun over there, as we went there in summer there was moderate weather. As best time to visit Kashmir is summer neither it is hot nor too much cold. If we visit Kashmir in winters due to weather we cannot enjoy as there is chilly cold weather in winters. We decided to visit one place a day. the very next day we visited Jhelum valley which was very beautiful. He got saviour injury and that day we went back to hotel before the time.

Third day

Then the third day we visited a very well known lake named ratti galli lake. Ratti galli lake is a place where we get to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Everything we saw in Kashmir was so beautiful and adorable. We enjoyed a lot over there. fourth day we decided to roam in the market and purchase some beautiful things for family and self. The guide took us to a very known market place where things were cheap and beautiful. On that day we came in contact with Kashmiri people. people over there are kind and soft hearted. We purchased many things like shawls, jackets, beautiful handmade artifacts etc.

Fifth Day

fifth day we visited Baghsar lake there was so many places to visit nearby Baghsar lake. We were 5 friends Azhar, Ahmer, Salman, Huzaif and I, that day azhar who got injured didn’t came with us because of seviour pain in leg, we took him to a nearby hospital and came to know he has fracture in his leg, which was really a bad news. his trip got over there. But We did boating in Baghsar lake and made some new friends over there. while returning back to hotel our vehicle got punctured.

It was already 9pm and no one was seen nearby for help. we started walking finding the way towards hotel, the worst part was that when we started walking it started raining heavily after walking for an hour we got stuck somewhere in the. middle of the road. after sometime we saw a jeep with a Kashmiri fellow of the guide. He took us with him and dropped us to the hotel. The day was tiering, everyone was tired and was not even able to walk properly. that day we made lat of unforgettable memories in Kashmir.
The next day we went to Jhelum river and nelum river as we need to leave next morning. 

Back Turn

when we were about to go back to the hotel we saw a small area beautifully covered with trees and mountains we entered the area just to have a look, and what we saw was really bad.
we went back to the hotel bought some food and clothes from the market and arranged a better living place for them.
It was hard to see them like that.

People of Kashmir

We completed our reports while enjoying and a made the best report on Azad Kashmir tour.
The very next morning we went to that area and met the people gaved them some more food, blankets, jackets, medicine etc. And then we left Kashmir and came back to Lahore with endless memories and priceless blessings given by the people of Kashmir.
After coming back we shared our experiences with people around us and gaved family and friends gifts brought from Kashmir. We shared all the things we did there and about the people we met there and how we helped them. Everyone as really happy with our work. Whenever I think of Kashmir i remember every single memory I made over there with all my friends. I wish to visit more places with my group. 

after coming back we also planned to donate money every month for the needy people in Kashmir. We were given best report making tittle and was extra marks for bringing up the idea of donating money to the people of Kashmir. That trip was the best experience of everything I ever got.

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