Journey by bus

Life begins in GOA | journey to Goa

I was so excited that during my journey to Goa , I could not sleep. I kept asking my Mom every now and then by when we would reach GOA. Finally my mom got angry and shouted at me. When we started entering GOA, I saw fishermen throwing their nets into the sea to catch the fish. It was a beautiful sight and I have seen that only in movies.

Life begins in GOA

Going further down the road, the road was full of greenery with coconut trees, jackfruit trees and many other trees and the roads were all so clean. It was so nice to feel the morning and was not at all noisy. During the day, it is almost silent and not very noisy, but as the sun sets, Life begins in GOA.
The beach is the best attraction of Goa. It was so much fun to be at the beach. We played in the waters, made sand castles, ran around, went for a swim and enjoyed the whole day. Next day we thought we would go around Goa.

GOA once again

The restaurants are just fantastic there and the food is great. There are live bands in the restaurants and we enjoyed our meal in the presence of music. . We then visited some of the churches in Goa. They have beautifully built churches there are it is a beauty to be there and pray.
We really enjoyed our trip and on the way back, bought some of the Goan street items , just for fun. The journey was great and the experience was wonderful. I would love to go to GOA once again.

Shopping and meeting my friends

So I planed to go to Lahore for shopping and meeting my friends. I do my packing and the next morning I took a coach and went to Lahore. I stayed at hostel with my sister. Meanwhile we were planning to go to mall. After i got done with my food. I started getting glam. Then I book uber and went to the mall. Chanting brands. Doing fun with sister. I than went to a brand and buy stuff.

After that I went to food court and eat pizza. It was the most difficult thing to decide that what should we eat Anyways I went to ice cream stall and buy icecream than I book uber and get back to hostel. Had so much fun with hostelmates. We went to the rooftop of hostel. Sat there. Started gossiping about people. Then we all feel tired and sleepy. I came into my room. Change my dress, play a game and sleep. Next day my sister woke me up early because she had to go to a shoot and I was supposed to join her. So first things first FOOD. we order breakfast.

Get clammed again

I did my breakfast to my full. Get clammed again. It took little more time because why not? She than wanted me to pack her stuff in the bagpack so I did. I booked uber and on our way we to the location we were little tensed and all of a sudden in the center of nowhere uber driver stoped the car and he was like your ride has been stopped because this is your location and if you want to go at your exact location than I’ll charge more. We had no option so we ask him to drop and at the location we payed him his desired amount. We went to the location they make us wait there because photographer was not available.

Vanity room

After half hour he arrived and than he took us to a vanity room. He was very sweet. He talked to us about our interest family this and that. So after some time makeup artist arrives he started doing makeup and it was super boring for me so I called my brother and I went to a hostel and than I went to bank. Payed my checks. Get back hostel. Planed to go out with Friends. They pick me up and then we went to restaurant. On my way back to hostel from restaurant my Friend buy me a Flowers. It was such a sweet gesture. We took pictures and than I came hostel. My sister was waiting for me. She gets ready and than again we went to mall for satisfying our Chinese cravings. Eat chow mein. And came back hostel. I Called my mother to tell her about my day and than I go to sleep. (Next day I got up early for coming back to my home.

Thirsty Crow

I forget to drink water and it was super hot out there when I reached terminal I feel thirsty but luckily coach was not filled so I went to the tuck shop buy some eatables get back to the coach and start listening songs. They start coach after an hour and it was so tiring. I was sitting next to a old lady who was all alone. She told me about her destination and then someone called her and all the way she was talking on call. On a certain point I realize that the destination of a old lady has passed by and she didn’t asked the driver to drop her there. I asked her that your city has passed 5 mins ago but she didn’t agree with what I was saying to her so the driver notice that there’s a matter so he asked to us and I told him that she is thinking that her destination has not arrived yet on which driver told that old women that her location is behind now. she get angry and start shouting on driver for like no reason. That was her mistake. She should note that.

Driver destination

Anyways driver ask her to get down from coach and to take auto from there to her destination. Then we start our journey and I reached at my hometown in half hour after that incident. That was the best feeling ever. I reached home. My mum and I had lunch. I then took rest and then I play games and that’s how my day comes to an end. Okay so Lahore food street is one of my favorite place to visit there. That just give me a very positive vibes. And I feel so good there. Plus there’s a market liberty that is my favorite. Ambiance is super good. I feel so fresh. I watch people coming there shopping like there’s no tomorrow. Anyway I like how colorful stalls blink.


Ok so I and my BESTFRIEND was at a restaurant. Two guys were sitting next to us. They were continuesly looking at us. . I’m not a celebrity or anything else so that’s why sorry. And then he start calling him BESTFRIEND who were looking at us and smiling.

When his friend ask him to come to us he started feeling shy and I was like what the hell man? Anyway they were just on a Mission of a girl. When they were going they came to us and asked us that it was just a dare. As if we are mad? Silly things like stayed at my mind always.

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