An Inspiration for All

My Brother Abdul-Rahman Kassig: An Inspiration for All

Brother Abdul Rahman was a fakir. People thought him to be foolish though he was not. He was lean rather tall and had a weatish complexion. He visits all type of worship places such as mosque, shrines, churches, etc. When people at there worship places recites there verse Sami Abdul didn’t understood a single word but enjoyed it with full respect and pleasure.But was never sure that he could understand anything that is being recited.
One day Abdul Rahman bumped over a stone.

Proud and arrogant

He cursed himself for being proud and arrogant as he was walking holding his head upright. Thought if he looked down he would not have been bumped and could walk few more steps. so he started scolding himself and thought to not be selfish as someone else would be got hurt because of the stone on the road. so he decided to move it from there. Was a kind hearted person.
Abdul Rahman was in habbit to talk to himself as he was not having any other person to talk to him. like if someone asks him to take some have some food he would ask the Same question to himself. He used Persian verb frequently and when anybody asked him for food he would reply with a persion verb saying ” one must eat to live not live to eat”. Everytime he would confer with himself before answering..

Desired nothing

Abdul Rahman was a quite and gentle man. He desired nothing and was happy with what he has. even he ate sparingly. He always had a godri which is the old quilt wrapped round him, no matter what the weather was..
The police searched for him and found it on his person in front of witness. The Seth was man of influence. The innocent man stated that it is a wrong charge he did not stole anything as he was working in Seth’s house since many years. Then the Seth accused him for making bad gesture to the women of the house. The poor innocent fellow was beaten mercilessly by the Seth.

Innocent Man

The Seth was not ready to let the innocent man go free. Then the case was taken to court. Abdul Rahman was also called to the court so he borrowed a pair of shoes and the godri was folded and put rounded on his neck like a scarf.

Desperate Soul

After taking oath he was asked his Nam and he said he was Abdul Rahman. Now the judge was desperate to know about his religion. and he replied weirdly that he was neither Muslim nor Hindu ‘but he was what he was’. When the magistrate told him a ‘jat’ is the one who don’t know English , Abdul asked him back did his forefathers knows English.
Now the megistrate was furious to know why Abdul Rahman didn’t gave a written deposition to court.

Several witnessed

Then Abdul Rahman wrote that tha megistrate was himself guilty of contempt of court as he had abused several witnessed. Though he was judge he was not Lord or Master. he was their server. no one could come to the court is they were abused like him.
Therefore the megistrate should show cause and the innocent man should be left with respect.

Frst of all, I do my bst to not only eat, bt also to wake up to talk to my Allah. Fasting in the smmer is defnitly challengng. I woke at 11 11.30 Am, after being fresh, i start my study and continue till 1 pm.and then i break 1 hour for zohar salat and quran talawat.

Brings back my energy

For energy i take 1 1.30 hours sleep.Which brings back my energy and concentration.i woke up and prayer asr salat .nd iftar starting 6.47 pm in here and after having magrib salat , i tke rest for the next 2 hours nd then have some foods and tea, coffee. I fall asleep usng Instagram and Whatsapp.i do contiue this ruitine , i wke up 2.30 thn prayer tahajjut salat nd have sehri nd prayer salatul fazr.

So now we finally found our tenth class. We are now going to travel towards the Kashmir point we arrived at there at 2o clock. We already book “CHAIR LIFTS”. My friend hunaid is sitting with me on it we both really scared from the height. It take a while to reach the top of the mountain. When we reach at the top of the mountain our friends are already there, waiting for us. I buy two cups of coffee one for me and one for my friend Furqan. At the top of the mountain the weather is sunny but it is really cold. We get on a swing name “PIRATE BOAT”.

Prayer Time

We all really enjoy that day. They go to the mall road at 9o clock and now the time is 11:45.

Now I am already tired from travelling and waiting for them. I am just going to sleep that the door knocked I open the door and abdurrehman cover my eyes from his hand he say do not try to move my hand. They all are laughing and I am also excited about that what they are going to do as I am thinking about it abdurrehman take off his hand and they all shouted happy late birthday party I am really happy of what they all do for me. They all already decided before the trip

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