Meet-and-Greet Event

Come on out to the Meet-and-Greet Event

It was Thursday evening time when I and my friends were sitting together near the park. Due to busy schedule and classes we rarely got time for a meet up. That evening we decided to have a day out together. We thought of several places to hangout but was not able to come to a conclusion. Then Huzaif one of our friend gaved us an idea to of going for a movie. As it was avengers endgame season all over the city we decided to watch the movie together. I am a big fan of avengers, never missed any movie of it but also I never enjoyed it with friends. This was the best time to watch the movie. After discussing for an hour tickets were booked. We decided to watch the movie in emporium malls PVR.

Waiting for sunday

Everything was set and everyone was excited waiting for Saturday to come. Me and my five friends were about to go together, but then I got a call from Asad that he won’t be able to come because he had to go to other city for some important work but he said ” make sure you all go” which was the sweetest.
Saturday morning, as we decided to leave at 11 as the show was at 1:00 pm but as I was so excited waked up early and got perfectly ready till 9:00 am.
We all met near the park and all together went to the mall, as it waa hard to reach because of traffic, we reached there till 12:30. We probably had half an hour for the movie to get started till that time we clicked some pictures for our memories and bought some snacks for the movie.
1:00pm the movie started avengers endgame super excited for the movie.
Tony Stark who plays the role of iron man is my favorite character and favorite hero. Thanos the villain was powerful but was killed badly by ironman.

Movie Fever

The most famous dialogue of the movie was ” I love you 3000″ said by ironman’s daughter. Thor got fat in this movie though he was not seen so far in the previous avenger movies.
The movie was great and watching it with friends made it the best. It is thriller action movie which is loved by all the teenagers. Everyone was enjoying the movie and was really happy. during the movie we ate sweet corn , popcorns, colas etc.
Tony Stark is the only reason for me to watch these movies. Now a day craze for action movies have increased.

Love for you

It was 10pm when we finished with food and was about to go back home, on the way we find some children shivering in cold without clothes on the foot path. During shopping I met my two school friends which was pretty surprising for me. I was very happy that day.
After a lot of shopping we decided to have dinner together in a hotel which was near the mall. After reaching there we saw no table free to sit and had to wait for a long time, but since we all were together no time was long for us.There Huzaif surprised us by joining as dinner as his plan of going to the city was postponed.we enjoyed each and every minute of togetherness.
As we got a table in the hotel we all ordered our favorite dishes and also had a great time while eating.

Food Fight

Watching them in that situation was really heart melting. We decided to give them the clothes we bought though it was large but would protect them from cold. This act of kindness was also performed together by the group.
Everyone was very happy and was not in mood to leave but though it was late we decided to stay back at Azhar’s house. We all called back to our home and informed our parents about staying the whole night at Azhar’s house. We enjoyed whole night went for a long ride too.
It was a day full of fun and the best day after so long. meeting up with schoolmates on the same day was really fun and the sweetest coincidence.
that night we decided to have such type of get together once a month.
I still remember that day which was well spent with my loved once.

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