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Just when it seems like you are having a good time
Try getting up early and live my day
Well in a life of a med student your day can be quite unpredictable with some roller coaster of emotions and events your day may turn out to be better or maybe not 
Well start of your day by getting up earlier like around 5:30 or 6 if you don’t have a pet dog.
So you get up early take your dog out for some walk and come back try to play with him a little so he gets tired and sleeps when you are away
Yeah and give him some breakfast when you leave.

Pretty Happy

When all the uncles around you are judging you why aren’t you up for Fajar
So somehow you are done with this part
And try getting ready
Take a shower perhaps brush your teeth snd try hard to look professional 
Since I have this thing of skipping breakfast because I usually end up getting nausea so..
You might try having breakfast if you are s person who can’t function well without breakfast 
So now it comes the part where you head up to your college 
Walking through the corridors and try thinking this again and again like man what am i doing here
So you manage to enter your class you try to find your self a good spot.

So here your day starts

You have your series of lectures till
12,in mean while you try concentrating and it’s hard but time passes 
Yet you keeping your eyes on the clock more than they are on the board and book but yet time passes 
Ok so now it’s time to head up to your clinic 
And it begins with your attendance which is probably the only reason you are here 
So you wait here for your patients to arrive 
As the time passes Your patients arrive 
And you end up checking them,getting tired and exhausted 
So it’s time you finally head up to your house and you suddenly remember you have a dog waiting for you
So you head up straight to your home
And see your dog waiting for you and gives you a warm welcome which is all you need right now.

Washing faces

So you both just sit together after you are done with washing your face and hands of course you take out some frozen food for your self and some dog food for your dog
You both enjoy or i must say try to enjoy your meal in this awkward moment of silence 
After that you feel like relaxing but all of the sudden your dog wants to go out and take a poop so you go out and come back again 
And try sleeping for a while so as evening comes by your house feels more haunted 
You end up waking up praying and now you have nothing to do

Family LOve

So you end up making fee calls to your loved ones your family friends or whoever you feel comfortable with
After that as you all know using social media is a must so you end up getting into social media seeing whats going around with people around you 
You try getting some dinner for yourself and your dog too 
So after that you try getting out with your dog to get some fresh air 
After that coming back to your room offering your prayers and heading back to sleep sums up your day in a life of a med school
This routine can vary from time to time

Summer Routine

But on the other hand if you look at our summer routine it pretty much shows getting annoyed and angry with all this weather 
But it usually do gets better around August when it starts raining and the weather around you is simply relaxing 
More over event like eid and other vacations can add up to your medical life giving you the break you always need 
Like during ramzan and when other festive seasons are around the corner our patient load pretty much decreases so we are bit relaxed like there’s not much to do at that time of the year or season 
But overall i must say it turns out to be a rollercoaster of events and you get to learn a-lot
Like dealing with people coming from different places and backgrounds

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