What traveling teaches us

Traveling has always been one of the most exciting mean of leisure to me. Since my childhood I have always been over-joyed by my travels whether it be road trips, via train or by airplane. The adventure which I would like to pen-down today is my visit to northern areas of my beautiful country Pakistan.

My country Pakistan is God gifted with loads of natural beauty.

Nature is what man-made buildings and artificial sceneries cannot compete with, Nature is what gives strength to the value of a place, nature is which brings us back to life when we are surrounded by heaps of dust and pollution everywhere. 
This particular road trip of mine which I am about share is very fascinating to me and it always takes me back to the time when I think of it. I used to read and watch online how beautiful this place is, the mountains, river and lakes. Reading and watching about it always intrigued me enough to pack my bags and rush to the place.

My Passion

My passion and ecstasy played huge role into persuading my pals to join in with me in my journey to what I call more of a part of heaven! So one fine day we sailed our ships to the north and begin the journey. It was no less than a dream come true for me. I was in the feel of bliss a person gets when they get what they have wished for, for so long. As every Kilometer passed my excitement rose. Each inch passed got us closer to dream destination.

The moment we entered the mountainy.

Area was what I cannot explain in words. That peace and joy can only be felt but not explained. The fresh air is readily available and the beauty is open to everyone with no tickets.

The soothing sound of water waves in the river made a melodious voice. The water falls on the way added to the beauty of the place. Finally, we reached our destination and yes I happily marked one down on my travel list. After checking in to a hotel, resting and having meal to the fullest we went out for a walk. We discovered some of the very beautiful points of the city where one could go sit, relax and stay quiet for hours.

The feeling of being in the heaven on earth was quite super natural. The visits to the wonderful lakes, hiking up the mountains, playing with snow on glaciers were the most amazing experiences there in Naraan. I always get out of words when I try to explain my divine exposure.

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